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The Tika & Thego Podcast

Tika Moon and Thego Lopez team up each week for this raunchy and ridiculous podcast. They are foul mouthed and NOT politically correct. They discuss topics of the week and whatever else their weird and twisted minds can come up with.

Feb 5, 2020

Strap on your gopher boots, Tika & Thego learn all about what it takes to predict the weather using live rodents, whether he be a Phil or a Bill. Also, our friend is in a cool theatrical production. You probably already have coronavirus, and eating nothing but fruit 24/7 is definitely not as dumb as it sounds... Or is it?




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To be Fruity

A Viral Virus

A Viral Virus #2

Let's Grove Tonight

The Lunch Pine SF

Ben Perdition

Ben Perdition #2

You're In Town in...

A Disclaimer

Cool Philosopher

Don't Do it, Brah Brah!

Again, Don't Do It, Brah Brah!

Why We Feel Blue

Groundhog Day #1

Groundhog Day #2

Groundhog Day #3